DIVINE Grupo Musical


DIVINE is a Latin versatile music Band backed with over 8 years of experience. DIVINE Group Musical is composed by 6 elements that dominate and combine the art of music to perfection, an onsite audio engineer attentive to perfecting all sound requirements, a lighting technician who integrates visual effects, and production personnel assisting in reducing time of installation/un-installation.

DIVINE Group Musical highly considers the sound and visual quality as crucial elements, and therefore inventories both audio and lighting professional systems. Our service coverage extends from coast to coast (Los Angeles to New York) and internationally (Baja California).

Our versatility of our extensive musical repertoire includes genres like: Cumbia, Merengue, Rock En Español, Rock & Roll, Disco, Pop, R&B, Funk,Mambo, Danzon, Cha Cha Cha, Jazz, Ballad, Bolero, Bachata, Salsa, Punta, Country, Banda and Norteña.

DIVINE Group Musical’s extensive musical repertoire will ensure a suitable experience for all, creating a pleasurable atmosphere. Our ultimate mission is to provide quality service in a professional manner, thus creating a fun and joyful atmosphere.

Our constant impulse of motivation is the moment when our clients and their guest smile, congratulate, and thank us for our performance. Being recognized night after night of having met and exceeded our client’s/guest’s expectations maintains our inspiration high. Their expressions mean more than a thousand words.

Considering that your highly anticipated event is unique and unrepeatable, the correct selection of a musical Latin Band that will conform to your expectations will be the source to a successful and memorable event of a life time.

Would you like to live an ordinary experience or an experience that is DIVINE?

Leave your event in hands of professionals and you will live a superb experience of entertainment.

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